Why should you choose BitkingFx?

Find out why people choose to invest in BitkingFx.

Investing is simpler than ever

Our investment packages are for everyone, from individual investors to businesses. With only $ 100, you have become a member of the BitKingFX Family.

All the fees are public, and there are no hidden fees with BitkingFx.

Clear development roadmap with interconnected applications

BitkingFx Investment Fund invests in Blockchain technology products, with the orientation that all products are closely linked to form a unified ecosystem and sustainable development.

66% of BTK tokens will be burned in the first 12 months

Coin burning is the process of permanently removing a number of coins from circulation, reducing the total supply. BitkingFx performs regular BTK token burning events through the use of a smart contract feature called the burning feature. BTK burning events will take place within the first 12 months after the issuance of the BTK, the number of burned BTK token is 66 million tokens, accounting for 66% of the total issued BTK (100,000,000 BTK).

Buyback Program

BitkingFX company decided to conduct a BTK buyback plan with more than 100 million USD over the next 12 months.

• For the first 12 months. BitkingFX will buy back BTK token from investors.

• The price will start from $ 0.105 on Jun 2020 and increase once in every two months.

• Investors can sell their BTK to Buyback Fund on the BitkingFX platform.

Attractive interest and commission packages.

The monthly interest rate we provide is up to 10%. The commission you can achieve is unlimited and reaches up to 10%.

Protect your income.

BitkingFx complies with the rules of the world’s leading financial watchdogs. With the support of FCA, CySEC, and Deloitte, we are committed to providing the best safeguards for you and your investment.

Retail client deposits are kept in a segregated trust account when required under U.K law.

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